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Welcome to the Defence Administration site of the Australian Defence Staff (London).

This site is designed for use by Australian Defence personnel either due to be posted or posted to the UK (and some other EU destinations). In particular this site will provide you with:

  • essential planning and pre-departure information,
  • arrival information
  • in-post information relevant to your stay in the UK/Europe, and
  • return to Australia information and procedures.

Also provided is a members forum with lots of top tips and handy information contributed by members for members (this section is only available with full access)

REMEMBER: Policy and entitlements often change. Every effort will made to ensure that these briefs are adjusted as required, however they cannot be used as an authoritative reference for entitlements. You should contact the relevant desk officer or policy manual to confirm your entitlements before proceeding if you are unsure.


Are you considering a posting to the UK and Europe?

Click on the link opposite for a brief overview of some of the main things that you will need to know to help you make some well informed choice about a possible posting to the UK. Also included is a summary of the posting process to help you get started.

Are you posted to the UK or Europe?

To fully access the site if you are posted to the UK Exchange or Training  (you will require a unique account and password) request login details from the lon.personnelandhousing@defence.gov.au. The request should include your PMKeys ID number, full contact details and a short explanation of why you require access. This will allow you to view and contribute to forums.

Are you a Lateral Recruit?

This site also has a specific link to assist Lateral Recruits with the admin associated with joining the Australian Defence Force from the UK. Click on the link opposite.