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Overseas posting admin basics and where to start

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This website provides all the relevant policy and guidance you require to successfully manage the administrative aspects of your posting to the UK. It is not exhaustive but should be used as reference as often as required.

It can be confusing as to who looks after what during your posting. The list below outlines at a very top level the broad areas of responsibility:

Overseas Admin Team (OAT):
The OAT will usually be your first point of contact once you have received posting confirmation. They co-ordinate the move from Australia to the UK/Europe, your PMKEYS admin, your Return to Australia admin for arrival back in Australia on completion of your posting.

They can be contacted at:

The OAT have useful forms that you will need to get your posting started and then to manage some of the ongoing Australian admin at http://www.defence.gov.au/dsg/organisation/OAT/Pages/forms.htm

(note: these links are for the public domain website so can be accessed from outside the DRN if you require)

The DEFPAY team take care of your pay administration whilst you are overseas.

London Defence Admin Team:
The London DAO team advise and manage arrival logistics, settling in arrangements, re-imbursement of entitlements, duty travel (not posting) visa and passport issues, education fees, determining rent ceilings, RTA admin including settling out, travel and removal on return to Australia. We also process claims for reimbursement for expenses incurred in country. [click on Contacts Info for contact details]

Single Service Advisers
Leave approval, Third Country Deployment admin and act as your local Commanding Officers for all single service issues and chain of command queries.

Integrated Travel Solutions:
The ITS office will coordinate and book your
flights and travel from Australia and advance excess baggage allowance or assist with arranging unaccompanied baggage.

Director of Service Conditions:
Is the sponsor and ultimate authority for PACMAN. We liaise quite closely with them on matters concerning general Overseas Conditions of Service and also on case by case issues when required.

Single service career managers:
Are the lead authority for posting planning and Service Advisers in the UK work closely with them regarding posting dates and career issues for members posted to the UK.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
Post reports are provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and provide comprehensive information on countries including economic and regional details. Information can be accessed for the DFAT web site located at http://www.dfat.gov.au/geo/


  • The success of the posting will be determined largely by how well you actively manage your own administration.

  • You are strongly advised to be familiar with the Overseas Conditions of Service manual in the PACMAN series. There are some important differences to your pay and allowances whilst on long term overseas posting and there are also issues that relate directly to your dependants that are also unique to the posting; particularly medical entitlements.